Our Team


Eric Nugent - FOunder & Realtor®

Eric is a serial entrepreneur, he's an idea guy. A creative that has no limits. He grew up in Houghton Lake, Michigan where he learned the value of hard work from an early age working for his parents in their restaurants. After high school, Eric moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kendall College of Art and Design. He always excelled in drawing and painting so this was the perfect transition. Upon graduation, Eric founded his own design firm and began dabbling in internet design. He did this several years before moving to Scottsdale, Arizona to co-found a technology startup and buy a lounge in Old Town, The Beverly on Main, with his friend. Real estate has always been a passion as well. Before gaining MLS access, Trulia® was always open on his phone. With his creative, and tech background he is merging the industries to elevate the real estate world. 



SARA GilBride - Realtor®

Sara is a native Phoenician and an entrepreneur at heart. She sets her goals and accomplishes everything that is thrown her way. Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, she has strong roots in the Valley. Sara lived in Flagstaff, Arizona and attended Northern Arizona University to obtain her Bachelor of Arts in Management. Upon graduation, she lived in southern California before moving back to Phoenix where she purchased and opened three meal preparation franchises. Real estate is in Sara's blood. She loves to travel, is service oriented and has a passion for the real estate business.